From Augustine Baker Holy wisdom : or, directions for the prayer of contemplation, extracted out of more than forty treatises

Amorous Aspirations

My Lord and my God.
Being infinitely peaceable and infinitely amiable;
infinite abyss of goodness, infinitely delicious and desirable;
O torrent of inestimable delectations and joys ;
O my all-sufficient reward ;
Thou art my only immutable good.
What do I desire but Thee I
O, draw me after Thee ;
Inflame me with the fire of Thy most fervent love.
O my God, my God and All,
Plunge me in the abyss of Thy Divinity, swallow me entirely,
and make me one spirit with Thee, that Thou mayest take Thy
delights in me.
Nothing but Jesus, nothing but Jesus.
O Jesus, do Thou alone live and reign in my soul.
My God, let me only love Thee, and that suffices me.


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