From The Lectures of Titus Brandsma on Carmelite Mysticism

“Let us not always look at the dark night to which St.
John introduces us. Light gleams afar and is already
breaking through the blackness. With him we chant the
words of the Bride: Flores apparuerunt, “The flowers
are already coming up.” We cannot always, nay we may
even seldom, stay in the contemplation of the
unimaginable, the imageless; so God Who wishes to
purify us and free us from everything that might
separate us from Him, purifies and uproots us, even in
a painful manner. The cross stands on the clouds as a
sign of victory. The Bridegroom opens His arms to fold
us to His breast and give Himself completely to us. At
His side stands Mary our Mother with the cry of
exultation on her lips “Behold He Who is mighty, has
done great things in me. What He ‘did in me’ and
bestowed on me, He will likewise bestow on you and do
for you if you follow my lead, if you will be my


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